It is an Argentine firm founded in 1927 by Francisco Binello and to present day it has been run by the same family group.

The company started as a passementerie factory but it now manufactures all kinds of narrow fabrics such as lace trimmings, elastics, passementerie, cords, braid work, cut ribbons, bands and embroidery and handicraft fabrics. In short, it produces all kinds of narrow goods for the clothing and footwear industries, notions stores and hobbies.

The factory is equipped with 30 weaving machines with an average use of 7 years.It also has plates finishing in the thermo-setting machine, the continuous steel plates and a small dye house send an excellent finish of our products.

It is a constant concern of the company stay current in fashion. That is why the emergence of the accessories business has developed a series of materials for manufacture and elastic yarn and fabric specially designed for this purpose. It also has a line of finished accesories: headbands, belts and scarves, wholesale oriented this category.

It is located since 1943 at the same address, whith an area of 2.500m² dedicated to administration and factory. 

FRANCISCO BINELLO Y CIA S.A. it is widely known in the local and regional markets both for its long tradition in the industry as well as for this firts-quality products and wide bussines experience, and also by the continued development of products to cater to the different fashions, autumn - winter and spring - summer.

It also has a wide commercial experience catering to the entire country through its own representatives and vendors.

All year round the company offer classic haberdashery products (fringes, lace trimmings, cords, elastic, passementerie, etc) line in suitable films they are offered in all of the country haberdashery wholesalers.